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When looking at the works of Electroboutique, the first idea that comes to mind is “ingenuity.”  The boutique’s style shines through a number of mediums and conveys a multitude of messages through various pieces and installations.  A brilliant example is 2010’s “3G International,” which mimics the design of Tatlin’s Monument to the 3D International and consists of a large iPhone which has been stretched and wrapped around itself.  Such a piece comments on the marriage of art and design that gained prominence throughout the 20th century and continues to be seen in many areas of construction and design.  One of the strongest statements in the Electroboutique’s work can be seen in 2010’s “Californian Ideology,” which features a number of company logos forming swirling shapes, depicting the relationship between the hippie movement and the subsequent Silicon Valley business boom of the following years.  In the Electroboutique, there’s never a dull or unchallenging moment.



Electroboutique 3G International 2010 ART: ELECTROBOUTIQUE

Electroboutique 333 ART: ELECTROBOUTIQUE

-Aaron Groome

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