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Sander Reijgers blow up dolls2

At first glance, this intricately designed collection by Sander Reijgers looks like no more than early 90′s style track jackets; which it technically is, however a closer inspection reveals the materials that make up a majority of each peace are usually used in more non clothing related situations.

Taking inspiration from Marguerite Duras “The Malady of Death“, Reijgers combines recycles inflatable blow up dolls with already existing tracksuits, and gives them new purpose as a jacket or bag. In this way he allows these dolls to “feel”, by carrying out  a more “day to day task”  instead of through sex, countering the objective of the novel’s main character.  Recycled and completely waterproof, putting the hood up on a rainy featuring an emotionless face complete with mouth agape will be sure to turn some heads. Eye catching is an understatement.

Sander Reijgers blow up dolls 24

Sander Reijgers blow up doll clothing  Sander Reijgers blow up dolls clothes

Sander Reijgers blow up dolls  Sander Reijgers blow up dolls4

-Kingsley Pascal

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