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anton kannemeyer artist

Anton Kannemeyer—also known as Joe Dog—is a South African comic artist whose work is packed full of brutal honesty. He’s been making comics since 1992, as the co-founder of the magazine Bitterkomix, which has attracted both praise and criticism in his native country. His work diffuses dark, often gut-wrenching satire through its depictions of South Africa’s racial and political issues such as apartheid, racism, violence, sex, and colonialism.

In “Moulinsart Lawyers,” inspiration from Belgian comic artist Hergé can be seen through the application of the style of Tintin, while hinting at Europe’s colonial history. His series “Alphabet of Democracy” is a raw, politicized testament to the country’s history while graphic drawings like “Immoral Man” and “Gross, Coarse and Hideous” are of pornographic content. Aside from biting satire, his work also includes references to South African pop culture via drawings of vocalists  Yolandi Visser and Ninja and poet Antjie Krog. Further proof of his range can be seen in his series focused on landscapes.

Controversial with a dose of humor, it’s art that’s not easily overlooked.

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-Natacha Pavlov

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