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eamon o kane house

Irish artist Eamon O’Kane’s art draws inspiration from concepts like architecture, realism and modernism. His collection of work varies, ranging from installations, drawings, paintings, film/video, animation and photography. Having earned many awards, his solo and group projects have been exhibited throughout the world including Europe, China and the United States.

His installation “A History of Play” diffuses a kid-friendly vibe through its colorful set-up, while “Twentieth of April Sixteen Eighty Nine” fuses modern experience with 17th century Irish history. Many of his oil paintings—sometimes painted while listening to different tunes—denote his interest in modernist architecture, as seen in pieces like “Interior I” and “Mies Van De Rohe remix.” New takes on art history are seen in portraits like “Double Portrait II” and “Double Portrait VI,” which give a twist to the popular Dutch piece “Girl with a pearl earring.” Using charcoal and mixed media, his drawings often depict black-and-white trees, furniture, building landscapes and human-plant hybrids. His series of photographs dubbed “Negative Mirror” is just as notable; using colorful negatives that make for semi-dramatic, beautiful scenes.

Given the artist’s range, it’s easy to find something to be drawn to.

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eamon kane artist223

eamon o kane a history of play

eamon kane artist

-Natacha Pavlov

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