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anton henning pin ups

German artist Anton Henning is known for creating heterogeneous art that fuses modernist influences and themes like tastefulness, nudity, and voyeurism. He boasts a varied collection of work which includes paintings, sculptures, photography, drawings and video. As a result, his solo work has been shown throughout Europe, Asia and the US. In both subtle and overt ways, his work seeks to shake up viewers, resulting in a variety of responses.

His “Pin-ups” paintings depict tastefully nude women, while his bright, initially harmless “Interiors” collection denotes colorful salons… with an unexpected dose of pornography. His “Flower Still Life” (Blumenstilleben) pieces reflect unconventional flora as the “Other Paintings” (Andere Malereien) have nods to Matisse and Picasso. Humor and sensuality are seen in his photography while Cubist influences are present in his sculptures and black-and-white drawings.

Clearly, discipline is of the essence, particularly for an artist who dropped out of school in favor of teaching himself.

anton henning artist

anton henning interior art

anton henning interior artist

anton henning interior3

-Natacha Pavlov

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