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tomas scheibitz artist

It can be said that Thomas Scheibitz pushes the envelope in terms of abstract art. His seventh solo show (2012) at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery consisted of pieces filled with geometric forms: cubes, spades, diamonds, globes and more. He integrated collage, painting, and sculpture, all of which pointed to the Bauhaus style and its modernism. Furthermore, he used a bold color palette for most of his enigmatic work and made use of dark outlines to slice shapes onto his canvas.

thomas scheibitz

Thomas Scheibitz artist 1 ART: THOMAS SCHEIBITZ

Bild 167

Thomas Scheibitz artist 7 ART: THOMAS SCHEIBITZ

Thomas Scheibitz artist 2 ART: THOMAS SCHEIBITZ

Thomas Scheibitz artist 6 ART: THOMAS SCHEIBITZ

- Sana Rafi

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