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Richard Jackson artist Bad Dog ART: RICHARD JACKSON

The sight of a dog peeing on a wall isn’t particularly unusual, especially for city-dwellers. However, it may illicit more than a shrug when one realizes the stream is wielded by a 24-foot tall, black Labrador relieving itself on the aesthetically-questionable exterior of the Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA). Don’t worry – it’s only paint.

Housed within the defaced walls is a retrospective of the work artist Richard Jackson, creator of the aforementioned pissing “Bad Dog” and dozens of other installations and drawings on display at OCMA through May 5, 2013.

Until now, Jackson’s work has rarely been on display in the United States and, aside from some viability in the eighties, he has remained out of the spotlight (though no less prolific in his medium because of it).

It was while pursuing an education in engineering that Jackson became interested in art, finding himself particularly inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock and Jasper Johns. Jackson’s work has an air of insouciant bird-flipping to those who would dare take art too seriously– or not seriously enough. His work often incorporates mechanical components–airplanes, cars, pellet guns–that move the paint before the viewer’s eyes. His work is not quiet, nor peaceful, nor flat. Jackson appears, like Victor Frankenstein, fascinated by transformation through animation.

richard jackson art1

richard jackson art33

richard jackson3

Richard Jackson artist Wall Painting ART: RICHARD JACKSON

Richard Jackson artist Stacked Paintings ART: RICHARD JACKSON

Richard Jackson artist Painting with two balls ART: RICHARD JACKSON

Richard_Jackson_artist_Death_ of_Marat

Richard Jackson artist Blue Room ART: RICHARD JACKSON

- Tabitha Calhoun

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