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Jakub _Ziolkowski_artist_3

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski’s “Raw Thoughts” are exactly identified by the title. The young Polish artist learned how to express his imagination in a very unique way through colors and interesting concepts. He masks multiple visual euphemisms inside of colors and subliminal abstractions. He has a way of bringing things and thoughts to life, from explorations of the features of a woman’s treasure to literal expressions of the life and pain of skin. Part of his gift is his ability to make art thought-provoking, knee-jerking, or cringing-worthy, depending on who views the pieces. Nevertheless, Jakub balances fun, full–albeit occasionally sporadic–and unorthodox visuals to attract the eye.

Jakub _Ziolkowski_artist_4

Jakub _Ziolkowski_artist_1

Jakub _Ziolkowski_artist_Big_Milk

Jakub _Ziolkowski_artist_Into_the_Hole  Jakub _Ziolkowski_artist_Pain_and_Torture2

Jakub _Ziolkowski_artist_The_Clash2

- Clifton Bullock

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