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Frank Stella artist Juam ART: FRANK STELLA

Frank Stella’s art was postmodern before the term was coined. Colored abstractions resembled poetic graffiti with unique zigs, zags, swirls, and complimenting angles and color schemes. It seems as if he was in a very relaxed state when composing these modern contemporary pieces.

His artwork has evolved in his five decades of practice, but his colors and patterns never age. The chronological series “River of Ponds” is very safe, but pieces like and “Nemrik” make you wonder how one could possess such contrasting, but completely refreshing, styles and visions.

I like to call Mr. Stella the godfather of modern contemporary arts.  I would say grandfather but I don’t want it to seem to be because of his age. Remember art never gets old.

Frank Stella artist 1 ART: FRANK STELLAFrank Stella artist Gran Cairo1 ART: FRANK STELLA      Frank Stella artist Moultonville IV ART: FRANK STELLAFrank Stella artist Madinat as Salam I ART: FRANK STELLAFrank Stella artist Diepholz II ART: FRANK STELLAFrank Stella artist Cantahar ART: FRANK STELLA

- Clifton Bullock

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