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Ahmed Alsoudani artist 4 ART: AHMED ALSOUDANI

Ahmed Alsoudani’s Carnage on Delivery

Swirling constructions of the grotesque extend upward: limbs stack ad hock; skull fragments piece together; dingy bandage swathe; fissures malign with screws and bolts; phantoms twist, topple and grope. These hideous aggregations rumble and stumble in the foreground, as vivid and daunting as the homogenous spaces they evolve from. The surreal assemblages intersecting with concisely outlined areas that could represent ideas and underline their clear break from what occurs in reality. Ahmed Alsoudani delivers the carnage happening between the ideal and the actual.

Surrealistic distortion appears to be the major form. Only Dali at his best could not achieve this level of horrific content that Alsoudani incorporates. The distinction is Alsoudani’s surpassing of the symbolic motifs applied by the true surrealists and aiming for something more direct and historical than associative notions occurring subconsciously. For Alsoudani it isn’t a dreamscape he seeks to portray nor a mythos of nightmare. His works disembody the actual experience of humanity. And no you don’t normally see ghouls with bright, spongy bits of brains dangling out on machine springs, unless you’re from Iraq and were forced to leave because of the war. It’s that gruesomeness Alsoudani is intermingling with picking up a chick at the bar or having to sit in crowded classrooms for dull lectures. Brutal atrocity fresh in the conscious; the structures of everyday life themselves deform and morph among the wounded and mangled procession.

Ahmed Alsoudani artist baghdad1 ART: AHMED ALSOUDANI

Ahmed Alsoudani artist baghdad2 ART: AHMED ALSOUDANI

Ahmed Alsoudani artist 3 ART: AHMED ALSOUDANI

Ahmed Alsoudani artist 1 ART: AHMED ALSOUDANI

Ahmed Alsoudani artist 2 ART: AHMED ALSOUDANI

- Howard Halverson

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