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When images can move past interesting and into evoking a feeling, it’s hard to take your eyes off it. This is what Juha Arvid Helminen, a photographer from Finland has done with his series of photos called “Invisible Empire.”  These images pull you into a circus of dark moods with tones of war, mixed with fear and fetish magnetism. In each image is a denseness portraying standing figures in complete tight clothed covering. Each is faceless, heightening the expression off body language. The uniforms lend itself to history as visions of WWII and Nazi Germany flash through your memory. Helminen astutely incorporates lighting, as he only uses just enough in the images so the viewer’s imagination can do most of the heavy lifting when trying to dissect the whole premise. The ambience of these pieces include anxiety and discomfort as you feel an execution or death has or is going to take place. Unavoidable credit goes to Helminen for his visceral creativity, in an era when countless horror-themed images fall short.

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-Sean Callagan

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