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jiro bevis artist

Jiro Bevis is a UK native whose art is not only diverse but intriguing. His work infuses a great deal of pop cultural themes. Bevis is not exclusive to one particular style as it ranges from 2D images to 3D, from black and white to highly colorful, and from drawing on paper to insertion of photographs. At first glance the images look like they may have come out of an old printer from 1990’s, as Bevis likes to use vintage computer graphics in his work. But as you scan through his whole collection you see how diverse his creative ingenuity really is. His work has found some success as his images can be found on clothing which can be purchased on his website.

jiro bevis art393

jiro bevis arti34

jiro bevis artist 3


jiro bevis artist2

jiro bevis artist223


-Sean Callagan

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