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food art334

Ever wonder what Michelangelo would have carved had he put his hands on a watermelon? There are some seriously skilled sculptors out there, but not all of them prefer stone or marble as a medium. Some like to take a more organic approach.

There’s the artist who prefers to use softer foods, like Jim Victor, who begins with mounds of butter and turns them into life-sized figures of horses. But he also likes using cheese. Carl Warner, a foodscape artist (you’ll get it when you see his work), assembles and arranges produce, like the kind you get from your grocery store, into dioramas. And Prudence Emma Staite uses chocolate or pizza dough for most of her sculptures.

With the warmer weather happening, perhaps you too could try to see “the angel in the [food] and carve until [you] set it free.” Try not to create when you’re already hungry or you might end up eating your masterpiece.

food art2

food sculptures art33

food art9er

food sculptures

food art butter

foodscape carl warner

food sculptures33

food sculptures3434

food art 34

food art223


food art2423

food sculpture

-Sarah Boutwell

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