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tony matelli artist studio visit

We recently got a chance to get a look into artist Tony Matelli’s studio for another installment of our ‘studio visit’ series.

Through various forms of media and with the skilled use of a wide range of tools, Tony Matelli can create almost anything.  Born in Chicago and working in New York, Matelli marries the potential ugliness of such a city with its inherent beauty while creating the same interaction between realism and surrealism.  Matelli’s attention to detail when creating realistic figures or objects only serves to make more evident the message conveyed in his pieces, most notably 1998’s “First Man,” which features a two monkeys in a panic over the loss of their tails, which they attempt to re-attach.  In an equally engaging yet more morbid example, 2006’s aptly-named “Fucked (Couple)” expresses an almost humorously obvious message: if a piano falls on you, it will hurt.  The strikingly realistic figures appear to slowly emerge from the wreckage in the corner and provide a sobering look at some of the worst types of inflicted hazards, from the aforementioned piano to the dome to freshly removed limbs and various blades submerged into the flesh.  Matelli’s ability to thrust realistic creations into surrealistic situations, environments and worlds brings imagination alive and shatters the walls of the box outside of which many people struggle to think.

tony matelli art 333d3

tony matelli art 333d3e

tony matelli artist st

tony matelli art 333d3ee

tony matelli art 3333

tony matelli art 3333ds

tony matelli art2ed4e

tony matelli art24e

tony matelli artist3

tony matelli studio 34

-Arron Groome


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