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keri oldham studio visit

We recently got a chance to get a look into artist Keri Oldham’s workspace for another installment of our ‘studio visit’ series. Keri was nice enough to send us photos of her studio along with a summery of her new work:

“My new work explores our connection to movies and characters as a way of understanding our own place in reality.  In Space for All Endings, paintings and video present a collection of different genre endings that explore memory, time and space.  The pieces combine cinema ending fonts taken from movies during the 1930s-1970s and attaches them to planetary constellations traveling through space.  My work is both a celebration of film as well as an attempt to show how the stories we encounter are not ends in themselves but passing titles in a larger reality.”

If you in the Dallas area, make sure to check out Keri’s upcoming solo show @ the Kirk Hopper gallery from 4/20-5/25.

keri oldham artist studio

keri oldham artist2

keri oldham artist33

keri oldham artist32w4

keri oldham artist324


keri oldham the end artist


keri oldhma artist 32


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