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jimmy kuehnle art invisible bike 1w

Wearing a clear suit (and, thankfully, some non-clear draws) and some involved, however non-functional, headgear which includes an alarming amount of rubber tubing, Jimmy Kuehnle zoomed down the street on an invisible bicycle.  While invisible may a bit of an overstatement for a vehicle made from clear, bullet-proof glass panels, the ingenuity and craftsmanship involved remain tremendous.  Originally revealed in 2005, the “invisible” bike remains fully functioning, as do the clear suit (hopefully NOT still the case for the non-clear draws) and “beer hat.”  At first, a cyclist on such a bike in such attire seems comical and entertaining (because it absolutely is), but after staring long enough, the artistry and profound statement made regarding cyclists in general are no longer transparent.

jimmy kuehnle art invisible bike

jimmy kuehnle art invisible bike 1

-Aaron Groome

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