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saeri kiritani artist rice sculpture

Portly with cupped hands standing in a pile of grains that helped grow this idea from a child. Standing and wanting but can’t move from the constant. Wanting but having around you all that you need to live. It’s an interesting concept. I wish I could hear her explanation of her inspiration.

Saeri Kiritani explained in such a unique award winning way and gave birth to these Saki statues. She took the food of the people of her native land and made it take the shape of who she became. Art .

So much of where we are from make us who were become and Saeri has proven this theory. It’s just remarkable that no one ever thought of a way to make this a tangible idea until now,

Hopefully now the sculpture with a no eyes and no soul can inspire the next artist to “play with their food.”

saeri kiritani artist

saeri kiritani artist sculpture

-Clifton bullock

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