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DTROTBOT- NYC Experimental Brain Children

dtrotbot DTROTBOT  NYC Experimental Brain Children

DTROTBOT is an obscurely tasteful rock band from Brooklyn, NY. They walk on a musical tight rope by risking the right to be incredibly unique by exposing listeners to an eclectic mixed bag of individual sound effects and whimsical lyrics.

Their music is influenced by a plethora of topics including an entire album, or “song cycle,” based on a character Angela Vickers, played by Elizabeth Taylor in the 1951 film, A Place in the Sun. This first song cycle examines Angela’s accidental and untimely death. DTROTBOT goes even further to create a second cycle of music that creatively rehashes the story of The House of Mirth.

Aside from being intensely out of the box in conceptual themes and composition, this band has a really amazing stage presence and creates strong atmospheres with loop pedals and multi instrumentalism. It’s such a wild ride! These guys are a mesh of post, prog and psych rock, with a touch of off kilter literary intellectualism.

If you’re curious about DTROTBOT, you can catch them live in New York

April 8th – Glasslands Gallery – Brooklyn, NY

April 12th – New York University – New York, New York

By: Jordannah Elizabeth

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