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jaime brett treadwell artist

Philadelphia-based artist Jaime Brett Treadwell creates colorful, psychedelic-like images that diffuse feel-good vibes. Using oil paints, the artist creates pieces inspired by concepts like rural areas, history, and modern society.

“Fairytale” combines everything from Olympic games, American patriotism, Belgian history, unicorns, and angels in one scenery, while “The Funeral” seems more of a hopeful take on the matter, with summery bright and pastel hues amidst a snowy background. Religious undertones are seen in pieces like “God, Gold, And Guns” and “Guns And Religion,” where free-spirited women carry on, as the Virgin Mary and a female angel—respectively—look on non-judgmentally from above. The cleverly-titled “This Place Does Not Exist” denotes a fantasy scene, depicting bikini-clad women at a pool party happening atop a hard-to-reach RV. With bright, fun colors and nods to utopian ideals, it’s a world you’ll secretly (or not so secretly!) wish you could slip into.

When not working on his own fantastical pieces, he also shares his gift with students as a full-time assistant professor of art.

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-Natacha Pavlov

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