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nathan sawaya art stepping through

What are the results of brilliance? Usually it’s the finished product.

Nathan Sawaya’s pieces prove that it’s not where you are when you start but it’s the final finished product. One block to start ends with the 20,000th to finish.  With life sized 3 dimensional master pieces that will make every adult who ever picked up a Lego block envious that they were never this gifted and creative and will inspire every child to build the next masterpiece.

nathan sawaya art underneath

nathan sawaya grasp good

One of my favorite pieces is “Grasp”. Grasp actually made me gasp! The claustrophobic feeling you have when you are in a narrow hallway and the walls reach out to you.  It gave me chills! Or the “Rebirth of New Orleans”, a vibrant background of skyscrapers with city’s renowned jazzy swing pieced with the necessities of any functioning society.  A school, a court house, library and a red cross all settled in the mighty palm of God’s hand.  Brilliant!

nathan sawaya art iwo

The Iwo Jima memorial replica is so precise that it took me back to summer 2006 when I lived in Arlington, Virginia and the site of the memorial was an everyday taken for granted land mark. The details are remarkable. From the base of the statute to the Ensign’s wind induced motion.

Nathan even provides fun facts about the tools of his creations providing the origin of the name and the country from which started a phenomenon and the numbers to prove that though Legos are common around the world the skill of his craft is not as common as the building blocks themselves.

nathan sawaya art lego

“Creativity develops with the curiosity of a child. Masterpieces are made when that creativity matures.” I wish I could see the first structure Nathan ever built to see how it propelled him to these finished products. It always starts with one block to build a masterpiece.

nathan sawaya art hands

nathan sawaya art nathan sawaya artist2

Article by: Clifton Bollock

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