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rune guneriussen photography

When you were young the world is still this amazing place; filed with mystery, possibilities, and light. Everything is new, alive, and exciting. And with every turn the world becomes an adventure book, that comes to life right before your eyes. It’s that exact feeling that mesmerized me when I came across Rune Guneriusses’ photographs.

rune guneriussen photography1

Rune Guneriusse, a Norwegian artist, captures the appreciators curiosity with his work. Born in 1977, and graduating with his BA from Surrey Institute of Design, in England, Guneriusse has “designed” his photographs in a awesome way. In fact, after spending so much time staring at these prints, I wish I could identify what exactly draws me into each frame… Maybe it’s the “moth to a flame” effect that is in many of his photos (particularly the ones showcasing lamps). Or, it might be the use of ordinary objects in contrast with the beauty of Norway’s scenery. Maybe, it’s just the simplistic beauty of each frame…You tell me.

Picture 010

But, I do know you will certainly enjoy going through these beautiful installations created by Rune Guneriusse, and may it even more so broaden your idea of the captured beauty we call “ART”.
rune guneriussen photography4
Article by: Chelsea Chavez


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