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Gabriele Galinberti photography

A great Doctor once said, “A person is a person, no matter how small.” And Italian photographer, Gabriele Galinberti, show us just that in this series of pictures named “Toy Stories”. Over the course of 18 months the artists photographed children from all over the word with their “most prized possessions”. Through this series, Galinberti was able to learn much about each child and their surroundings; finding many different tendencies in the children.

Gabriele Galinberti photography1

With such a unique, eye opening concept it makes you think…how did it all get started?

“I started this project almost by accident”, the artist relates in an interview. He further goes on to explain, that the first photo in the series was taken in Tuscany when one of his friends asked him to take a picture of her daughter. Finding the child playing with cows and her toys…Galinberti takes the picture, and 18 months later “Toy Stories” was born.

Gabriele Galinberti photography2

 Gabriele piece is truly remarkable, and the diversity of children he was able to photograph in just 18 months is awesome. Some of these countries he photographed in, include: Thailand, Haiti, China, Africa, Australia, and Mexico, just to name a few. It’s also interesting to see that on Gabriele’s website, you can find him too in a room with HIS most prized possessions… Cameras.
Gabriele Galinberti photography3
Gabriele Galinberti photography4
Gabriele Galinberti photography5
Gabriele Galinberti photography6
Gabriele Galinberti photography7
Article by: Chelsea Chavez


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