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Paintings by Alessandro Keegan, accompanied by a poem from Clifton Bullock:

Trapped in a bottle of wine…
its 2 o clock in the morning.
time is passing me by.
indulge while ur time is young.
Let the piano sound soothe your soul

The trap has been open! lets bail this joint.
freedom is callin my name.
Its a unfamiliar voice but ive heard it before
its 210 o’clock in the morning
time is still passing me by
its too fast to catch it because its not worth waiting for


my liver is filtering the Pinot or whatever this juice is
working in over drive mode. Snap ur fingers to this
because time is passing me by.
the rhythm of tonight is not in my bed room but in my head room
working overtime.

the stars are on the wall this time and as bright as a blur
hold my head to the white hole in the floor
hold my hand as i walk up the stairs
indulge in ur time because time is young

Alessandro Keegan 01 ART: ALESSANDRO KEEGAN

im a plaid suit in a room of sophistication tonight.
i am acoustic guitar who is out of tune.
Im a hole in the wall
its 2 22 o clock in the morning an time is passing me by.

Where is my bed, please help me find it
where is my love, damn help me find her too
she is out in the world loving someone else. Damn it! what time is it!
its 2 25 o clock and im burping my time…
Im drunk! im not sober. My time is up.

Alessandro Keegan 05 ART: ALESSANDRO KEEGAN

Lets rock out. Let groove. lets love it again
im leaning to my port side semi conscious.
Good morning as I black out…

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