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garbage pail kids marcu mucus

When Cabbage Patch Kids became a phenomenon in the mid-80s, Topps origialy tried to buy a licence to produce a card version of the loveable characters. When they were denied, Topps creative director Stan Hart decided to do a parody instead and the rest is history. With the help of artist John Pound the cards were first issued in 1985. Over the years several additional artists have contributed to the series, including Tom Bunk, Jay Lynch, and James Warhola.  Enjoy this round-up of our favorite sick and twisted cards from the collection.

garbage pail kids card have a nice dave

garbage pail kids doug food

garbage pail kid card 80's sticker

garbage pail kid card sticker max axe


garbage pail kid card sticker rare ike nojo


garbage pail kid peeled paul card  garbage pail kid sticker barbie q.

garbage pail kid sticker card john john

garbage pail kid sticker suckin sybil garbage pail kid stickers sleep les

garbage pail kid tagged tad card

garbage pail kids bloggy bobby

garbage pail kids brainless bryan 1987

garbage pail kids card 1980's weddin bella

garbage pail kids card 1980'sew

garbage pail kids clarck shark

garbage pail kids deaf geoff

garbage pail kids ray spray card

garbage pail kids super marcus card garbage pail kids vanessa undresser

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