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Underground Indie Portland, OR musician/producer/artist Sapient is at it again with his recent release of “Slump”. However slump takes a turn, wether for better or worse, away from the hard hitting hip-hop/rap this artist is usually associated with to an indie alternative type. It’s as if Pink Floyd took the traditional Sapient and added a fresh mix to his music. Slump offers a chill sing-song rap that is somewhat confusing, but at the same time makes perfect since to all the music bones in your body.
Sapient comes from a crew of Portland rappers all with different style and flow known as “Sandpeople”. He has also branched off into smaller crews within Sandpeople such as “Debaser” and “The Prime”. One exciting factor of being underground is that most of his music is FREE! No iTunes downloading or low quality pirating necessary! You can find a huge chunk of Sapient’s work for free here.

Slump however will cost you a small and well deserved fee of around $10 and you can find it either on iTunes or Sapient’s bandcamp. The album has 16 tracks; 14 of which are new and 2 of which are repeat tracks from previous albums. The repetitive tracks are track 6 (The Dapper Mob) and track 14 (Gladys). If you just want to listen to a few songs to get a feel for his style then check out these gems. Track 4 – “Shotgun in My Spaceship”. Track 11 – “Ello”. Both of which are personal favorites.
This album shows a different side of Sapient with slow rhythms and acoustic guitar. He has created an individualistic masterpiece no longer conforming to the style of rap which originally put him on the map. Changing his style so drastically seemed as though it would hurt his fan base but quite the opposite has happened. By dropping Slump he has shown the versatility of not just a rapper, but a true artist. He creates his own beats, lyrics, and even his album artwork. A triple threat in the game. Once again Sapient dropped a fantastic album that is definitely recommendable as a must buy!

Article by: Kasin Bennett

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