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Teenage Sweater is an emerging and ultra sensual nerd rock duo from California’s Bay Area.  This band’s debut LP, Concentration (Tricycle Records) is a true testament that electronic music can possess and engorge itself with soul, triumph and sensuality without being overbearingly pretentious in it’s genius presentation.

If fact, Teenage Sweater snuck into the independent rock stratosphere with determination and vigor, playing show after show until they attracted the well deserved attention of indie label, Tricycle Records. Teenage Sweater also portrays the coy talent of sneaking in drum and bass loops that are quietly prolific, keeping Concentration’s atmospheric, reverb latent vocals and musical layers working on a tight shift. This privately talented duo is like Grime’s art, but is a more structured and congruent male counterpart, tying their electro pop ambiance in tighter knots than Grime’s slightly unruly ambient tracks.

This band simply stands out, and their new album, Concentration exudes a non-committal passion and powerful musical statement that will convince music enthusiasts that these boys may very well be the emerging great white hope of postmodern indie rock.

You can listen to Teenage Sweater’s Concentration for free on Spotify here.

By: Jordannah Elizabeth



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