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trudy benson art 321 890x890 TRUDY BENSON ART

Artist Trudy Benson’s work hangs in the balance between abstraction and illusion. Its full of weird textures that form¬†strong compositional elements.¬†Referring to to her process, Trudy has stated that, “several points when I just kind of wanted to throw in the towel… rather than… scrape anything off I started doing these scribble lines either in spray paint or paint squeezed out of the tubes… I want the history of the painting to be there and I try not to think about things being mistakes in the painting… they’re part of the painting.” Trudy’s husband Russell Tyler is also an amazing artist, see his work here.

trudy benson art  TRUDY BENSON ART

trudy benson art99 890x890 TRUDY BENSON ART

trudy benson artist TRUDY BENSON ART

trudy benson art000 TRUDY BENSON ART



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