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Are you struggling each month to conserve data on a shared plan? No need to panic, Data Coach might be able to help, that’s only if you don’t strangle him first. The latest advertisement from Sprint featuring Data Coach might inspire you to consider one of their unlimited plans, and bypass Data Coach all together. If not, Data Coach has a tumblr with a plethora of inspiring quotes and videos to help you along your data diet. Lets face it, limited data plans suck!  In a nutshell, we do more today with our smart phones than we did a few years at home with our pc’s.  Worrying about using up all your data can become a thing of the past with one of sprints unlimited plans.  Today we download music, stream video, and upload photos, all sucking up data like there is know tomorrow, so why be restricted by Data Coach and limited data, switch to a Sprint Unlimited plan today.

This post is sponsored by Sprint.


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