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In keeping with mankind’s desire to fix what isn’t broken, the Fliz bike concept out of Germany hearkens back to the antiquated “hobby horse” bicycle design of the early 19th century, for whatever reason.  The unique design of the frame suspends the rider from a harness and includes no chain, pedals or gears, while including the bare minimum of structural necessities in the form of wheels and handlebars.  Such a substantial deviation in design is usually prefaced by a fundamental problem with the accepted standard, although the Fliz model doesn’t seem to alleviate any issues presented by the framed bicycles which enjoy widespread use today.  This fact notwithstanding, the new design appears to be an exciting and fun variation of bicycle riding.  The Fliz design might operate best in the same vein as the Razor scooter, in that it achieves the goal of recreational conveyance without substantially improving or revolutionizing non-motorized transportation.  If regarded as a variation of a proven design rather than the next phase in the evolution of the bicycle, the Fliz concept bicycle could find a niche among recreational bicyclists and anyone in search of fun and challenging physical activity.

Words by Aron Groome

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