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milkmaid smart milk jug MILKMAID SMART MILK JUG

No room in your house stands to benefit from recent advances in technology more than the kitchen; from smart stoves with sensors to keep you from overcooking your pasta to counter-top green houses, your kitchen is about to get a serious make-over. While the aforementioned robot stove remains out of the price range of the average user, smaller appliances may soon be available to help you keep up with appearances without cashing in your 401k. Still in prototype mode is the Milkmaid, being developed by Quirky and General Electric. Gone may be the days of the sniff test; this gadget monitors the pH levels in your milk and sends you a text message if those levels dip below the ideal. There’s also an app that keeps you updated on the temperature, volume and days left until it’s spoiled. If you’d like to see this device come to market, head over to quirky.com and let them know you’re interested.

Article by Tabitha Calhoun

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