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dekotora bus 31 DEKOTORA TRUCKS

Came across these amazing Japenese Dekotora Trucks and was blown away at how precisely chaotic these rolling works of art are. Unlike burning man and steampunk art cars, Dekotora trucks play close attention to detail and achieve perfection in a complicated overdone sort of way.  No Dekotora is the same as each owner personalizes their truck piece by piece. Amongst all the bright lights and transformers on ecstasy aesthetic, the trailers of the trucks often feature intricate Japanese murals that are hand painted often by the the truck owner. You might imagine a team of dudes building these things, but often it’s just one passionate guy. If you like what you see here, you might want to check out this cool movie from the 70′s called  Torakku Yarō (Truck Guys).

dekotora bus 341 DEKOTORA TRUCKS

dekotora bus 11 DEKOTORA TRUCKS

dekotora truck DEKOTORA TRUCKS

dekotora truck2 DEKOTORA TRUCKS


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