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B THA THROBB: Vidz//Interview with Creepy Marbles

creeeo1 B THA THROBB: Vidz//Interview with Creepy Marbles
True, it’s been a few months since Creepy Marbles officially released their ddrrrr3333ml4nd EP, a pop-tropical nightmare-scape of sick beatz and summery masterpieces that I’ve been listening to all winter long. But it flew a little too far under the radar for my taste, and after reading up on their new//space-age philosophies [and watching a few self-produced videos featuring body paint and energy drinks], I decided to pay them a little visit at their magical art-barn in rural Humboldt County to pick their alien brains about pop music, trees, and transcending bro culture. In true Creeper style, they not only provided a truly unnerving manifesto, but video versions of their responses as well. Dig in.
Interview [excerpted]:
YouTube Preview Image

 A little introduction, please — Who are you? What are you? When are you? Where did you come from?

Creepy Marbles are three humanoid life forms grown in the moisture-rich caverns of the California coast. The Marbles in question are Backwoods Baglady, Jah Bork and Schmieshmar “The Dog” Aggdornaut. The detachment from our crystalline pupae took place in the late spring of 2011, when we first toured the Southwest corner of your Human America. Creepy Marbles soon discovered a primitive technology called the “internet” and used this as another intangible portal from which to continue channeling the aforementioned “throbb” to the world.

How and why did you settle on Humboldt County for a space to start a collective?

Several thousand years ago, the three members of Creepy Marbles were mere shadows in a formless void, spirits circling in the vast chasm at the psilocybin core of some Eurotrash pseudo-steampunk planet. In Spring of 2011, a disruption in the earth’s energy field occurred in an isolated barn in the hills of Fortuna, California- attracting demonic lifeforms from the earth’s core to dispense electronic dubstepping musicks and caffeine-rich energy drinks to the local youth. The souls of the Creepy Marbles were channelled by the Cosmic Throbb of the Universe to combat this chuggly spiritual imbalance, with their “music”, itself a thinly veiled sequence of algorithms condensed to specific sound wavelengths and “vibes”. So far, the militant chugglies have driven most of these demonic forces from the misty shores of their stomping grounds, with intimidating homoeroticism and pop-music terrorism proving to be effective psychic weapons of unforeseen capabilities.

YouTube Preview Image

So how are you received in our mutual, blue-collar, bro-fested county?

I think you’ll find that all depends on circumstances. As it is somewhat difficult to book shows in Humboldt County, we are forced to scrape together what we can and attack the audiences we can find. In a darkened skatepark late at night you may find a dozen doodling kids bumping “Tha Chuggly Throbb” on constant repeat. However, a mere sighting of the band in “costume” at a local deli, bowling alley or liquor store is enough to send some hypermasculine manchildren into apoplectic rages. On the whole, and on the hole, we seek to encourage a union of THROBB at every show, and according to our chuggly statistical generator we have determined that an average of 27% of our audiences in Humboldt county are utterly traumatized by the sight of our writhing silky flesh.

What is the Chuggly Throbb?

The THROBB™ is a mysterious lyfeforce! enabling pure transcendence that has inspired rabid followings, creepy cults, corporate cavalcades, insipid revolutions, namaste shadow greeting cards and distinct musical intonations/ top 40 pop confections 4 jaded breakbeat youths. Tha THROBB™ can only be harnessed/witnessed/felt/touched/perceived/penetrated by the glad-vag™ non-heteronormative ‘chuggly,’ hence tha ‘CHUGGLY’ THROBB™.  Chugglies chugg tha THROBB™. Passive chugglies, vacuous chugglos and vapid chugglettes need not apply. The THROBB™ can only be received thru bodily contact with the appropriately chuggly or thru aural insemination via the CREEPY MARBLES™. One becomes tha THROBB™ after a series of spiritually painful/psycho-respitory/pseudo-sexual intracellular processes. The THROBB™ surrounds/engulfs/swallows/f*cks you, the chuggly. Anyone can B THA THROBB™.

YouTube Preview Image

You’ve released a ton of videos to accompany your music. What’s that about?

Musics and visuals are inseparable, they are symbiotic abstracts that will and must feed on each other.

Creepy Marbles admire the considerable visual talents of well-meaning human VHS directors like Werner Herzog, Alejandro Jodorosky or Master Doubtfire brobro and seek to imitate them as closely as possible.  Our resident hypeman/videographer MC Fee Seize and chief throbb Backwoods Baglady produce most of the visuals with only one maxim in mind : creating a spectacle as cheaply and absurd as possible.

So performance art is an important aspect of your band’s aesthetic?

YES.  Creepy Marbles are informed by and seek to create: sssordid sex-crazed spectacles, anti-brostep Brechtian bacchanalia, SCUM seances, morbidly obese celebrity egotism, masked marauding, John Waters cocktail parties, Britney “Beach Boys” Spears feline fashion shows, etc.  We want to lure the audience deep into the abyss of the theatre of the absurd, so that we can commune chuggly vibez and suck-suck the spleen ween, aka THA THROBB™ in/out of undulating humans.  We are often covered in paint, masks, and/or garish clothing to contain the boundless THROBB pulsating inside of us (and to conceal our hideous and true “natures”).  What with everyone and their collective mother starting a so-called musical group these days and the relentless regurgitation of said talentless hacks in the internet content generators, Creepy Marbles find it important to distinguish ourselves. For every pasty-faced plaid bro or khaki’d coffeehouse milf there is a spraypainted juggalo or indulgently masked dubstep DJ and we seek to transcend it all.

What’s next on the agenda for y’all?

A 10 ” split record with Arizona truth-fuckers Treasure Mammal due sometime in early summer 2k12.  We will be supporting the record with a national tour if our earthly vessels, the slave-owners of our sanguine souls, allow.  Most of all, we need cold hard $$$$. Buy our records, support the THROBB™ in us and then we’ll work on fucking the THROBB™ back into you, chuggly.

Interview by: Kelly Schirmann

To read the full Creepy Marbles interview, which promises even more method & madness, check out their tumblr here.

Download the ddrrrr3333ml4nd EP here.

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