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Knxwledge – Flowers Ep

4 Knxwledge   Flowers Ep
The Philadelphia music scene, is home to some of the most creative faces in hip hop, one of those faces being Street Bass Hip Hop Producer Knxwledge.  These tracks are riddled with Knxwledge‘s signature motifs and  his muffled, broken, nostalgic boom bat beats. The tracks on this latest Release, surprisingly not fruit themed, bear a certain vibe as if faded from memory, the result of legitimate vintage production techniques. Samples mixed and meshed in such a way, J Dilla would be proud. If your into the hip hop virtuoso Flying Lotus, Dibiase, Shlohmo, & Mono/Poly, you already are familiar with alot of the techniques this cat uses. The state of nostalgia is built and supported with various cartoon samples from looney tunes, rugrats, and taking audio from countless movies, sounding as if theyre straight ripped from a VHS. Knxwledge is part of the Klip m0de collective, alongside big beat producers Mndsgn, Devonwho, & the lone female Suzi Analouge. This release is solid all in all and if not up to par you can always check out his shadyside ep and his komposure ep all released in the same month, be on the lookout for Knxwledge as he stakes his claim in the hip hop beat horizons. you can check out his Flowers ep in its entirety below.

by Alex Auclair

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