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Willy Wonka WRapper

Do you like WONKA candy? Do you like fresh beats? Want to make your own beats?
All you need is some WONKA candy, and a webcam and your ready to make your own personalized mixes powered by WONKA candy.——————————————————————————

439x1 Willy Wonka WRapper

Nick Cannon will teach you through video tutorials how to unlock and mix tracks to create full songs. Each candy pack unlocks different tracks like drums, bass, FX etc,  but make sure to use the following candies that are compatible, Sweet Tarts, Nerds, LaffyTaffy, Gobstopper, and Spree. You can record songs up to 2 minutes, name your track and click submit and it will automatically be posted to the video pool where you can share it with your friends and comment on other beats. To get started visit facebook.com/wonka

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