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Container “Protrusion”

Container: "Protrusion"


Nashville’s Ren Schofield has established himself in the East Coast underground through his alchemistic cassette label I Just Live Here and the harsh oscillator/tape/guitar drones of his God Willing releases. For Container’s debut, LP– on the continually impressive, John Elliott-run Editions Mego imprint Spectrum Spools– Schofield speeds into high gear with an abstract, beat-based electronic pursuit that retains the damaged, minimal aesthetic of his previous output. “Protrusion’s” motorik-propelled industrial warble-tech thrusts minds and bodies into diasporas as trilling as the track’s own rapidly vibrating movements. I cannot say whether or not Container’s LP necessarily wants you to dance, but I strongly challenge you to try keeping two-(four)-on-the floor a few beats in.

–Mary Katherine Youngblood, Visitation Rites

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