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not not fun LABEL SPOTLIGHT: Not Not Fun

Label Spotlight: Not Not Fun

Album Frequency: 3-4 releases every month, and sometimes even every two weeks.  This is one of the major strengths of NNF; the ability to attract musicians and maintain a constant flow of material to satisfy their world wide audience.  Although their releases sell out fast, it is really satisfying when you get your hands on one.

Format: Vinyl, Cassette and C.D.

Price Range: As low as 5-6 dollars for a tape or 45 and 12-15 dollars for a full L.P.

Relevancy: This is an area that is a struggle for labels like NNF, it is possible for a band to fade quickly when they only produce one recording that sells out in two weeks.  However, there is a strong-hold of bands, such as Robedoor, Peaking Lights, and L.A. Vampires, who have put out several recordings and seem to be here to stay.

Location: Los Angels, California.

Age: 8 years old, founded in 2003 by Britt Brown and his wife Amanda Brown (Pocahaunted, Vibes, and L.A. Vampires).

Overall: I would say 9 out of 10 rating for this label.  They are going on 10 years and they still completely embody the D.I.Y. spirit with amazing art work and one of kind releases that you just can’t find any where else.  It refreshing to me; buying a record that doesn’t reek of corporate America.

The Future: NNF is slated for some big releases this fall that include: KWJAZ, Prince Rama, Rangers, Robedoor, and Cruise Family.  Also be on the look out for some new releases from NNF sister label 100% Silk.

Article by Ryan Brummet (Mondo Nation)

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