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Jonathan Brand

from mem jpg Jonathan Brand

Sculpture by Jonathan Brand.

Artist Quote:

When I was 5 years old I received my first bike. 20 years later in searching for the original I discovered it was a copy of the first freestyle bmx ever made. The 1985 Redline rl-20 prostyler. Unable to locate my bike, I bought an all original 1985 rl-20 on ebay and made it into my copy, from memory and the only existing photograph. I then traced it to make Fallen, and rode it in the video Some Day. In October of 2007 it was stolen from my studio thus completing the project.”

fallen TIF Jonathan Brand

fallen det 02 TIF Jonathan Brand

“Using a device based on a drawing pantograph (Battle Axe), I made a wooden copy of my childhood BMX (From Memory) by physically tracing the original bike, piece by piece. A router copies my hand’s movements, carving a reduced version in MDF as I trace the original.”

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