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St Annes Place Release ‘Speakeasy’

saint annes place

Saint Annes Place is the musical brainchild of Jacob Cole, who truly steers the band with these leads and his easy to digest songwriting. Joining him in this lofi rock trio is his brother sam, and joel martin, all of which are more central coast california locals. Hearing their full live sound you would not think that this is only a three piece. These guys have an amazing energy live and these recordings are superb.

Standing out tracks in the album are lazy fingers and monster. The songwriting is great, so subtle and endearing, these tracks hold a certain honesty that not many up and coming acts have behind them. On my way is a great opener, the chilled guitar lead is so goddamn tasty.  Having played a fair share of shows up and down the central coast, their live show is solid. On the album these tracks cannot get more sincere. Bouncing between gentle tracks like on my own set the stage for the fuzzy rock jams that the rest of the album holds for your listening pleasure.  The jams in these tracks are dead on, the piano breakdown in rosie jones is just a plain out killer groove. Live these guys pull out the works with Moody delta blue guitar rifts, tinged over  fat basslines and straight out solid drum lines.
Begining with the Cole brothers, Jacob & Sam in 2010, soon joel joined and having recently finished recording, this is the first proper release from this lineup. If your intrested in that lo fi rock n roll thatll bring you back further then the classic rock station on any radio, look no further. these jams are rooted deep in american rock n roll, and these tracks pull out a certain modern psychedelic vibe with them creating a very lovable link to the beginings of rock. Drawing influences from acts like Samuel Lightning Hopkins, Lonnie Johnson, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Robert Johnson &  Hank Williams, these tracks still manage to  ooze  with psychedelic fuzz. Speak Easy, is all in all a solid display of an Awesomely talented rock band and is a great demonstration of what they bring live. you can check out some of their tracks below, or over at their facebook, and be on the look out for any shows coming your way.

by alex auclair

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