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Millions, and Millions, and millions…


Millions is the latest project from Randall Sena, a kind of musical mufasa for his hometown, having been in a slew of highly influencial bands to the area, and running his own DIY studio “certain Sparks’, on top of all that he rolls out these sensational lo fi pop gems. What began originally as recordings and writing with local groups like Oso, Tall Tales, and Sparrows Gate, Randall has been honing down on his craft and Millions is the Outcome.

The sound can be described as Lo Fi Psych Pop, with a live raw Punk energy, but still sticking to Gentle Songwriting. The songs are Frail yet the reckless abandon felt here is that of someone teetering on the edge of sanity. The songwriting in these songs reminesent of a kind of Nirvana pop sensiblity matched with the  noise and raw energy of acts like the Pixies or yo la tengo. You can pick up on influneces ranging from  Modest Mouse, Cat Power to songwriting pioneers like Bob Dylan. all in all these are Legitimately solid songs that will have you coming back for more, i know i will be. i aint gonna lie, is by far one of the best songs ive heard in recent years, Beautifully written, beautifully simplistic. While No Sense, is another thats chorus will drive something out of each of us “my heart, it makes no sense, my arms, they make no sense, my love it makes no sense, my god it makes no sense”. Catching these guys live is a event on its own.  The live experience is flawess, raw energy & emotion felt through every shouted chorus as randall pours his heart and his art through the speakers, it near damn demands the attention of the listener and it deserves it. The recordings capture another vibe of these tracks, the various versions you can find for the time being online have so much sonic texturing, you can not only feel and hear the effort put into these tracks, you honestly beleive every second of it. Trust me when i say you all when know  this album when it drops, These are Great honest catchy lo fi Pop tracks, that will make your day. You’ll have to wait for the proper release from this trio, but in the meantime you can check out le petit protest’s myspace for tunes, some of which are part of millions current set. below you can watch one of their most recent sets, and witness the magic go down for yourself.

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by alex auclair

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