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pepa prieto 890x558 STUDIO VISIT: Pepa Prieto

We recently got a chance to visit artist Pepa Prieto at her home sudio.

pepa prieto 3 STUDIO VISIT: Pepa Prieto

Pepa Prieto, discloses all her  fantasy in a world full of freshness . An oneiric world , which shows clearly  in her use of the colour palette and the characters represented. A world of strange landscapes and imaginary persons that often reference her own experiences. In her work she seeks to distil or freeze, in a suspended moment, situations that represent the complexity of human relations. The result is a composition of scenes, forming allegories and secret messages.

While the simple lines and complicated compositions of her work recall the tradition of eastern miniature painting, Prieto´s work ventures further by portraying an almost surreal amalgam of extravagant inhabitants that coexist with abstract shapes in urban and natural landscapes.
Her very detailed work, with flat images in a range of colour and textures, has a simple touch but also a complex, humorous and ironic vision about the deepest human behaviour.

pepa prieto 2 034 STUDIO VISIT: Pepa Prieto

pepa prieto 332 STUDIO VISIT: Pepa Prieto

Pepa Prieto is an artist who not only experiments in an unique field of action, she also works with other formats such as installations, large scale Murals, sculptures .
Her Art has been commission in major Commercial Projects for Brands such as MTV Networks, Creating the image for an Airbus plane 323.

pepa prieto 32  STUDIO VISIT: Pepa Prieto

pepa prieto 23 STUDIO VISIT: Pepa Prieto

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