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J Pre – Synesthesia

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About a week ago, Dissociative Identity had the chance to give a quick look at Think Thought Records own, J Pre. It was a start, admittedly, but released far too early. See, “Platonia” was truly just a preview of his full collection. Now it’s time to take a closer look. Released on July 27th, 2011, Synesthesia is a perfect rebuttal to any complaint I could’ve had of “Platonia” on it’s own. And if you recall, my complaints were fairly slim. For one, there is definitely a flow to this album that keeps it interesting. In his press statement, J Pre even remarks, “Synesthesia is supposed to have a deep philosophical and emotional appeal to the fact that music can change moods.” How true that is. Opposed to the overly melancholy releases of West Coast up and comers Lorn and Nosaj Thing (no disrespect but come on, can ya try playing with the listeners a little more than just with one mood?), J Pre includes bits of pieces of reflective ambient beats with monologue samples similar to Boards of Canada, followed next by a heavy party beats the likes of Ratatat, to a jazz-esque sampling along the lines of Peanut Butter Wolf meets dj’ing software like Traktor. I’m not going to choose a favorite song off this release, as I usually do, since it would be disrespectful to the project as a whole. The point I would tell you is to just take it all in: there’s no reason to be the Itunes shopper, picking and choosing select bits to make some incomplete whole. A couple of ending notes. 1) Be sure to download the album within the first month for “name your price” (God I love the Copy Left) 2) See J Pre spin live as a farewell to Summer over at the “Battle of the Canvas” (more information here). Finally, 3) Stay tuned, J Pre has personally stated that his next release will feature a live band and will focus more on a rock n’ roll sound. It should be called, “J Pre and the Mystics“. I’m interested, to say the least.

J Pre – Synesthesia

- Cliff

Dissociative Identity Productions

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