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Flaming Lips w/ Lightning Bolt – I Want To Get High But I Don’t Want Brain Damage

flaming3 Flaming Lips w/ Lightning Bolt   I Want To Get High But I Dont Want Brain Damage
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I used to be a member of the cult known as Pitchfork. It was helpful: after all, it’s hard to argue that they are always necessarily on top of everything. For example, they’ll tell you the “Best” albums of the year and many of them, at least in my opinion, are self-absorbed, masiqistic, and dissident to say the least. Yet I’ve recently started falling in love with one of Pitchfork’s sister sites, Altered Zones. They supplied me with the info on Zorch’s release/tour (thoughts on that one) and now, they provide me some of the most shocking news all month: Flaming Lips are working with Lightning Bolt?! Now yes, I get it, both are legends in their own right in the experimental genre. Yet I could not have thought of a weirder combo: perhaps, Xiu Xiu and Chinese Stars but other then that, few other experimental pairs come to mind. So I took a listen and yeah, keep in mind, I’m not a big fan of Flaming Lips (guess it never really felt relevant to me). Um yeah… it’s a really kickass tune, giving elements of each side to create a harmonious whole. You can clearly tell the thrashing percussions of Lightning Bolt in the background, giving it a wild side I have never seen Flaming Lips come even close to. Yet the lyrics and vocal style actually contributes a lot to the song and frankly, I know it’s probably due to the Flaming Lips influence on the project that so much structure seems evident. This structure is extremely important to simply keeping the song together, opposed to flying off the handle like a usual Lightning Bolt song, and similarly, it is an example of structure and form that I believe Lightning Bolt was never able to touch before on their own (perhaps, on purpose) Overall, I doubt this project will turn into much: after all, both have a very respectable fan base and. reputation to live by. Yet I hope this bluntly strange encounter will leave behind an influence on one another. There is no doubt that they never needed to do this song, or to even work together one little bit. Yet they did: so do not waste this opportunity. Each has it’s own expertise, now it’s time to start blending the pallet. Color toning: it’s what real artists do. Be sure to check it out needless to say, I’m now even more excited for whatever piece they will release on their own. Experimental noise? Sounds interesting.

Flaming Lips and Lightning Bolt Collab

- Cliff

Dissociative Identity Productions

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