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Bleeding Fractals – The Acoustic Shirt EP

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The Acoustic Shirt EP by Bleeding Fractals

I’ve heard a lot about the development, promotion, and production of this album so I take this news with great excitement. It’s been awhile since any kind of release from Bleeding Fractals has been released and let me just say, the wait was worth it. With 35 mins of more produced and frankly a new directional approach, the Acoustic Shirt EP is a nice reminder of the classic, noodly Midwestern, emo rock that we have long been missing. I continue to reference “long overdue” mainly due to the fact that I largely know Bleeding Fractals purely for their live shows: I always had an amazing time and knew that they had recordings, but never thought to ever sit down and listen to them by myself. Acoustic Shirt EP has definitely reenforced the necessity to take a moment to sit down and take them as something more than just a “live band”. My personal favorite off the release then is “Hermit Crabs in the Ice“, with it’s mathy riffs and a sing along chorus. More importantly though, it truly does sound like a step in an entirely new direction for them. Now do not get me wrong, this is not some vast transition like Zach Hill moving from Hella to his own releases, but it does feel a whole lot mature and you can certainly tell this the most with their longer tracks. It feels as though they’ve taken some cues, perhaps, from Built to Spill. Originally, or at least with Doug Martsch’s earlier projects like Treepeople, the live shows were always the focus. Yet as the projects developed, he was able to realize the significance of perfecting the same, raw experiences on recordings. Bleeding Fractals is starting to follow this path and I believe the Acoustic Shirt EP is the greatest example of this transition. Here’s to the intellectual jam band: Basso continuo has never sounded so good.

Bleeding Fractals – Acoustic Shirt EP

- Cliff

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