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Legs Like Tree Trunks – S/T EP

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Legs Like Tree Trunks EP by legs like tree trunks

For live shows, I tend to hate Summer. It seems almost like a cardinal sin but to be honest, most bands are not on tour, rather they seem to be focusing on expensive festivals or recording material. There’s nothing wrong with this except, well, I’m a broke student and I tend to get impatient and angsty with long anticipated releases. Yet so far, I’ve been really impressed with the Philadelphia/Baltimore local indie (aka independent, dont go crazy on me…) scene. I like to think that so far, Dissociative Identity has done a pretty good job of covering these developments. Yet one missed my radar for far too long. I remember first meeting these folks at “Philly Invades Baltimore” yet to those of you familiar with the alternative, noodle rock with emo rock influences, you should know Legs Like Tree Trunks. Releasing their S/T nearly two months ago, the S/T EP is a great, reintroduction to the band you thought you knew. And believe me, you thought you knew them. For one, the recordings seem to be far more baroque, delicate, and even intricate than shows that I recall. Admittedly, it’s been awhile, yet either way, it shows a great sign: either they have been able to truly capture their sounds full potential since I last heard from them or they just got a whole lot better with producing (and for Christ sake, the quality made me question whether I was listening to them still or Maps and Atlases‘ classic oldies). The titles are not bad either (particular favorite song title/song over all? “Dick Whitman“) which makes the experience all the more worth while. Listen: we all know those bands, the bands of our friends who mess around at house shows, party some, and disappear from the scene within 6 months. Legs Like Tree Trunks is not one of those groups. Rather, they have solidified their presence with this S/T. Listen, Download, Share, Enjoy. I feel as though I’m a broken record whenever I put some sort of paraphrase of this expression at the end of my articles but considering that, if ya want, you can actually prove me wrong see taking a listen, you may as well take this one particularly serious. Thanks and yes, I’m still waiting for a full length album…. Stay tuned.

Legs Like Tree Trunks – S/T EP

- Cliff

Dissociative Identity Productions

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