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agnes copy STUDIO VISIT: Agnes Bolt

S.o.t.r. got a chance to visit Brooklyn artist Agnes Bolt at her studio.

studio2 STUDIO VISIT: Agnes Bolt

Agnes Bolt is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY and Pittsburgh, PA. Her work often explores the gaps created through changing values, evolving modes of communication and social habits. Her projects have most recently manifest themselves all over the Romanian countryside, intervened into the homes of art collectors and projected at the Internet Pavilion, Venice Biennale.  She is a recent recipient of the Heinz Foundation Artist Grant, the AW Mellon Grant, and a Fine Foundation Grant and has a book about 2 strange towns coming out in the Fall.

studio12 STUDIO VISIT: Agnes Bolt

excorcist1 STUDIO VISIT: Agnes Bolt

screenshot agnes copy STUDIO VISIT: Agnes Bolt

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