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Fantastic Bubblebeam Shooters of Imaginary Weapons

Imaginary Weapons1 Fantastic Bubblebeam Shooters of Imaginary Weapons

Tucked deeply inside New York’s music scene lies a group of musicians so talented, so diverse and so driven that only they could pull off something like this. Imaginary Weapons, a band that quietly formed in New York is fronted by music Maniac Hektor Fontanez ( Twi the Humble Feather, Liek, Blizzards), Hisako Konami,  “joe”, “Veli”, and Dave Giuseppe. When referring to Fontanez’s other projects, Imaginary Weapons may seem like some sort of alter ego.

It’s an explosion of sound. Bold, huge and expanding, they cover musical grounds that one would never expect from such a fragile soul. Each song erupts perfectly and finds a wonderful balance between beautiful vocals and keyboards to heavily distorted guitars and drums. While these tracks can really rock, they never go to far as to loose you. Their song “Monster” is a great example. It blends a perfect combination of amazing pop hooks, slick production and a surprise shift at that end that would make any Joy Division fan happy.

Where Imaginary Weapons truly shine is in their overall tone and performance. When listening to the album from start to finish, it’s apparent that Fontanez has a lot to say, and while sometimes his words are covered in wailing guitars, just knowing that he’s letting it all out is enough to grab on and make you relate to what he’s going through. Seeing a live show by Imaginary Weapons is a memorable experience. It instantly becomes clear that this band has a lot to do with energy and raw emotion. Each member plays their part with an intense (yet not over the top) passion. They each truly believe in what they are doing. No one is trying to be bigger than the other. This can at times be a rarity in today’s music, so it’s inspiring to see such a band pull it off the way they do.

For more Information, check out Imaginary Weapons Facebook, and be sure to pick up their debut album Fight, out on Twi Records

Article by Hunter S.

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