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Stable Boys – Dionneing It

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Dionneing it by Stable Boys

Facebook appears to be one of my primary forms of receiving news now a days, sadly. Not particularly for world news, or business news, or anything along those lines: I still got The Economist, BBC, and Al Jazzera for that. But as far as music news, it helps. To illuminate the point, did ya know that some folks from Algernon Cadawallader, Snowing, & Glocca Morra have come together to form Stable Boys, a side project with already two tracks up on Bandcamp? Now this seems particularly amazing to me since both Algernon & Snowing have just come back from a nearly 2 month tour across the US and particularly the West Coast (You may recall our thoughts on that one) This was maybe 3 weeks ago? So for them to actually have the energy to sit down and come up with these tunes seems incredible which tends to make me believe that a lot of the leg work was completed while on tour. Still, the tracks hold up in quality to such a Philly classic lineup. If ya can’t tell by the title, I personally love “Dionneing It“, though it is perhaps simply because the recordings sound a lot more polished compared to the other. Be sure to take a second to catch a listen to both tracks yet one question that still burns in my mind is what will become of Stable Boys? Perhaps it will always simply remain as an outlet for these folks to escape their current outfits to try something new. Yet I hope it will become something more than that. In no way, shape, or form am I looking for the disappearance or fading of Algernon, Snowing, & Glocca. However, Stable Boys does have a certain quality that makes it different in it’s whole than what would’ve been assumed by it’s parts. Isn’t it great how that works?

Stable Boys Bandcamp

- Cliff

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