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Public Dims – Vent Somewhere Else

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Vent Somewhere Else by Public Dims

I sit on a half assembled couch, sadly collapsing into the porch below, staring off aimlessly into the distance. You watch people stroll by in a daze, a blur of disillusions and plain exhaustion. It’s understandable and relatable, yet more importantly, I believe it demonstrates a certain sense of passivity we all as humans exhibit. So much in our lives are simply given to us with no reason or rhyme, both the good and bad. We always find a way to go with the flow, if you will, and it is this spirit that I believe best defines Public Dims, particularly with their recent “Vent Somewhere Else“. A two piece based out of Southern California, Public Dims takes a surfer billy sound and adds remnants of lofi, garage, blues, and psychedelic into one EP, giving moments that resemble Nodzzz, Meth Teeth, and Fungi Girls. Those are the few that come to my mind at least: at times, I even feel bold enough to say the vocals resemble early Liars, but that’s a different story. “Lorimer” clearly stands out as the albums greatest stand alone, with a kick ass musc video featuring chopped up scenes from El Topo, a great experimental western. Yet I’d rather spend this time to focus on the EP as a whole because, frankly, what truly makes a great album is the flow of one song to the next. This is a point that Public Dims is particular capable in doing. It’s not over done or drawn out: the songs are to the point yet always seems to retain a unity of mood throughout the album as a whole. Despite to say, looking at one piece of the puzzle at a time does no one any service so my recommendation is to take a seat, perhaps watch “A Boy And His Dog” on mute (great 70′s sci-fi apocalyptic movie, netflix‘ it), and enjoy yourself to a 15 min trip. Take a listen and tell me what ya think despite to say that I’m glad to have an album to make sense of all this summer mind trips and nostalgia.

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- Cliff

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