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LA Vampires goes Ital 12″

la vampires goes ital LA Vampires goes Ital 12

MP3: LA Vampires Goes Ital: “Streetwise”

Veteran musicians Amanda Brown (LA Vampires),  Daniel Martin-McCormick (Ital), have recently released Streetwise, a four track avant-garde disco 12″. The collaboration is an intense collage of drum machines and exploratory melodies almost too visceral for the club scene, but the jarring out of this world pulsating rhythms make you want to move.

Streetwise is an assortment of raging beats and ethereal utterings set to the backdrop of synth lines and abstract vocal remixing that blends together to form a very strange, free sound that pushes the proverbial envelope and stretches the imagination. The title track “Streetwise” is a dubbed up dance jam and the first to receive video treatment. It features brief clips of Brown, is a sort of post modern vogue montage of waifish models in a nostalgic nod to the ghosts ’90′s glam. LA Vampires goes Ital is an unearthly revolution of sound get it via NNF here.

Article by: Jenn Kelly

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