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Jet Set Sail/Ted Nguyent Summer Tour

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Magnet Mountain by Jet Set Sail

3272410304 1 Jet Set Sail/Ted Nguyent Summer Tour
Pizza & Regret by His Master’s Noise Records

Summer never seems to stop. Last week, I wrote up an article on the Summer Tour w/ 199!, Snowing, & Algernon Cadawallader. This week, I’m writing about the Jet Set Sail/Ted Nguyent Summer Tour, a mad dash through the North East. From Long Island to Baltimore, Jet Set Sail & Ted Nguyent will indulge heat exhausted kids to post-hardcore delight from Ted Nguyent followed by emo-alternative treasures by Jet Set Sail. Furthermore, I truly love the combination of these two bands: it feels like twin brothers, an angsty high school poet in the Mid West and an alcoholic pizza boy out of DC. I am not even sure if that makes sense… none the less it’d do you well to go see these Philly music industry kids. With Ted Nguyent’s recent release, “Pizza and Regret“, and Jet Set Sails’ infamous, “Magnetic Mountain“, fans will have a nice blend og genres across the board, from math to lo-fi. So don’t let the heat win. Enjoy your American right to mosh in upwards of 90 degree for Christ sake. And for all of you kid’s who do not know either one of these bands, frankly, I’m disappointed… do some research and check out their tour dates on their sites for some North East Craze and Haze. Here’s to summer: whole hell of a lot better than winter.

Ted Nguyent

Jet Set Sail

- Cliff

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